Size Guide

size guide

Size Guide

All abayahs sizes correlate with your height. For example, if you are 5'2 tall, size 52 abayah will be the recommended abayah size. If your height is between two of the abayah sizes e.g. 5'3, then you can either choose size 52 or 54. This is depending on how long you prefer your abayah to be (either at ankle length or floor length).

We provide two types of sizes: Standard and Large range. Those which are Large will be stated in the title of the abayah (not all abayahs come in the Large range, only those stated). 

Measurements for the two types of sizes:

Standard Size (Up to UK size 14): 
Arms: 26 inches
Bust: 25 inches 
Hips: 24.5 inches 

Large Size (From UK size 14-18): 
Arm: 26 inches 
Bust: 27.5 inches 
Hips: 26 inches

Please note there may be slight variation in lengths and width for each abayah/dress.

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